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Turn your passion into career clarity.

TFA-NC is giving you 6 free career coaching sessions to help you take the next step in creating a meaningful career.


Ready to take your career forward?

How would it feel to be...

Clear on your purpose and career path

Living your purpose authentically and aligned with values

Making a visibile difference in educational equity


"Ama La Vida 1:1 Coaching is a service that I would recommend to all TFA NC alumni as long as it is offered. It is even worth it if you can pay for it, yourself.

For those of us trying to move our impact outside of the classroom, we often don’t know where to look and/or who to turn to. Ama La Vida 1:1 coaching creates empowering spaces to find answers to these career pivots."

- Katie S., TFA-NC program participant

We want to help you do the same!

No matter where you are in your journey with TFA, your impact matters.

Get to the heart of your passions, strengths and gifts to create meaningful career goals and a clear path forward.

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Here's how it works.


Fill out the intake form.

This questionnaire will take about 5 minutes and give us more information about you and your goals.


Get your coaching match.

Based on your intake form, you'll be hand-matched with one of our 60+ coaches. We'll send you an email when your match has been made.


Transform your passion into purpose.

Schedule your 6 free coaching sessions and see the evolution of your goals.

Why should you work with a coach?

Here’s what you'll get…

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1:1 Sessions With Your Coach

You will be personally matched by one of our relationship strategists with the right coach based on your specific goals, personality, and requests.

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Instant Access To Your Personal Dashboard

Some of the programs waiting for you now include:

  • Illuminate Your Purpose. This 4-part course will take you step-by-step through the process to uncover your "why" and define your vision.

  • Elevate Leaders. Learn to inspire others and create an even larger impact by honing your leadership skills in this accredited eCoaching program.

  • eCoaching Toolbox. Get quick-fix solutions for everything from productivity to body language, and so much more.

Still undecided?

Coaching is right for you if...

You're seeking clarity on your career path.

  • Identify your passion, strengths and purpose.
  • Explore your commitment to educational equity.
  • Reflect on your experience with TFA NC and how that informs your future.
  • Find the right career direction and get that job.

You want to further your career in educational equity.

  • Learn your skills and strengths.
  • Explore your passion and purpose exploration.
  • Define your lifestyle non-negotiables.
  • Build your network to maximize your influence and communication.

You're ready to re-ignite you commitment to educational equity.

  • Deepen your self-awareness: passions, gifts, values and purpose.
  • Redefine yourself as a leader and elevate your skills.
  • Set your path for the next phase of your career.

By now, you’re probably noticing that this isn’t your typical 1:1 coaching program…

What makes our coaching unique?

Ama La Vida takes a holistic view of your career and leadership. It’s not just about short-term goals that only serve you now. Our proven proprietary methods help you uncover the core of who you are, align with your vision for your future, and help you to stay accountable to your dreams.

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We utilize proven coaching methodologies and have developed proprietary coaching curriculums in our eCoaching platform to support our members.

Our team of coaches not only go through an intensive vetting process, but when you register, you get custom matched to the right fit coach for you. But not only do you get access to your personal coach, when you become a member, you get access to our ENTIRE team of coaches.

Our clients are our heartbeat. It’s one of our company commandments, and we mean it. We are here to support you every step of the way