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Invest in the future of your business.

Let's be honest. This "new normal" isn't getting any more normal any time soon. From budget cuts to industry-wide layoffs to ongoing marketplace disruption, Business-to-Small Business Enterprise teams are facing more challenges, not less.

You need B2SMB leaders who you can count on to make decisions and prepare your enterprise for the future.

At Ama La Vida, we provide scalable executive coaching to your leaders to make sure they are ready to take your business into the future.

Find out how Ama La Vida can help

Give your leaders the tools to succeed.

What if your leadership development programs fostered sustained habit change, instead of just teaching a framework?

What if it was founded on adult learning principles, psychology and change models to maximize insights and initiate action?

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review reported that...


of employees claim they don't have the skills needed to do their jobs.


believe training measurably improves performance


apply new skills learned in learning and development programs to their jobs.

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Here's the problem.

You know that in order for development programs to stick,

participants need more than just one burst of content and


However, their attention is regularly pulled in many directions and it can be hard to get them to apply learnings and build sustained habits.

Our solution is a program that is built with long-term change at its core.

1:1 Coaching

Our program meets participants where they are and provides a customized plan for their growth, including personalized, actionable takeaways with built-in accountability.

Insights and Reporting

Insights and reporting that allows you to track long term progress of the entire group, as well as individuals, to provide meaningful information and proven results

For all levels.

We provide a personalized program for all participants, not just your C-suite

By the numbers

Engaged employees can increase organizational productivity by 20-25%. Time and again we see that the fastest way to improve employee engagement and job retention is by investing in your leaders’ skills.

After completing an Ama La Vida coaching program, our results show:

✔️ Increased employee engagement by 90%+

✔️  30% of program participants were promoted within a year

✔️ Employee satisfaction increase by over 67%

Featured in...

Our programs include

📝 360 Assessments
Before the coaching begins, we’ll complete a full 360 review of each participant to establish their strengths, blindspots, and opportunities for growth so that our customized coaching can meet them where they’re at. This then gives us the basis for measurement we’ll use throughout the process.

🧑‍💻 Instant Access to Our Accredited Elevate eCoaching Program

We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help leaders at all levels enhance their skills through this 3-part program:

  • The Future of the Organization
  • Leadership & Performance Fundamentals
  • Coaching Your Team to Success

💡 Insights and Manager Reporting

With monthly emailed reports and quarterly coach/coachee/manager triad meetings, arm your teams' leaders with timely and actionable feedback to ensure they stay ahead of employee needs and engagement.

📱All Access Pass to our ALV Connect Community Slack channel for ongoing support

As questions, challenges, celebrations and shares come up, pop over to the group and get direct support from peers and ALV coaches.

🌟 Celebrity Sessions with our Full Coaching Team

After being matched with the right coach, coachees can also access the full breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise any time they need with celebrity sessions – unique to Ama La Vida!

Nice to meet you!

ALV Team

Ama La Vida is a Chicago-based personal and professional development company with a diverse team of certified coaches. They couple proprietary eCoaching technology with one-on-one coaching, workshops and other programming to deliver valuable coaching engagements at scale. While previously reserved for the C-suite, Ama La Vida’s coaching and programs are affordable and accessible to all levels of leadership, beginning with emerging leaders and high potentials. Ama La Vida’s eCoaching platform captures insightful data to not only give companies a new glimpse into the motivations and desires of their workforce but to also measure the impact of the engagement and the company’s investment in their team.

The ALV Difference

While our coaches have all been trained through ICF accredited programs, we know that certification is not enough. We have a proprietary approach to recruiting, training and developing great coaches.

We are not a marketplace. Our coaches work exclusively with us and so they're 100% committed to our clients.

We give a shit. It's one of our core cultural tenets, and it shows up in how we serve you and your employees. Working with us should be both impactful and joyful.

Let's talk about your team

Case Study

woman smiling on video call at work


To retain and engage a highly valued leader within a financial institution, Ama La Vida was called in to provide 1:1 executive coaching to the VP of Marketing.


The VP of Marketing did not feel like she was given the proper coaching and investment required for her growth. She expressed concerns of being stagnant and wanting a new opportunity.

Coaching Approach

Through 1:1 coaching, it was discovered early on that the VP of Marketing was frustrated due to a lack of career progression. As part of the coaching program, there were discussions with the VP of Marketing and the CMO to identify a career path based on need, strengths, and fit for the organization. This led to the VP getting more exposure to strategic opportunities and more face time with the CEO.

Since then, this leader has been promoted to SVP and is thriving within her new role. It was also identified through 360 feedback that the VP of Marketing was not an effective communicator. As part of the coaching, the leader identified several blindspots regarding effective communication and made tremendous progress to influence change and gain buy-in. As a recent win, the leader was invited to present her 2020 marketing strategy for the whole organization.

Ready to connect?

Foram is an incredibly engaging facilitator. In addition to the timeliness of our subject, Change Management is also a broad topic that could have been overwhelming, especially for a group with many new people leaders. Foram did a fantastic job tailoring the material to be relevant, so that our discussions were pertinent, and the core principles were absorbed. I'm confident we'll all incorporate the RISE approach to change management to improve our leadership through transitions of any kind.